Tuesday 14 February 2017

Direction for Film & TV.
Short Term Certificate Course
Dream house Film institute now introducing a short term film making course for movie lovers and people who have passion for movies from 5th march 2017. The course is designed to equally accommodate the beginners which will give a comprehensive training in producing short films for cinema and television by senior experienced faculty and practicing filmmakers. Anyone with an interest in film-making is eligible for this course. We don’t conduct any tests and don’t have eligibility criteria, because we believe passion is the only qualification.
The course will provide an opportunity to explore about the nuances of Film Direction for Film & TV. Students will get trained in the visualization process of both Cinema and Television as both have their own presentation style and aesthetics. A director must know not only the ability to script well and show a towering sense of leadership but also should be communicative with all the other technical fields of the audio-visual process. 
"Come and take your first step towards fulfilling your dreams!"

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